Make A New House Feel Like Home
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Making A New House Feel Like Home


When you’re in the process of moving to a new home, it can feel like things are in disarray. Hiring quality movers to get you transported and settled into your new space as quickly as possible can make the process much more streamlined and stress-free. Once you’re in your house, you can start making a new house feel like home.

Moving Process

Moving is a great time to purge as you pack. Donate, sell, or recycle unwanted household items and pack things in an organized fashion. Label boxes per person, per room, and use extra care with delicate and fragile items. Consider evaluating moving companies by reading reviews online by searching, “Angi movers.” You can save some money by asking about deals and specials. Always get a couple of estimates in writing before choosing a provider. You’ll want to have a firm understanding of cost, liability insurance, and time estimate from pick-up to delivery.

Consider evaluating moving companies by reading reviews online (Photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash)

Make Minor Repairs

Before you get settled, do a quick assessment of repairs you’ll need to make. For example, if the carpets need a good steam cleaning, you’ll want to do it before you have your furniture situated. Things like squeaky doors, broken window blinds, or loose cabinetry hardware are easier to fix before you start unpacking. According to D & D Painting, it’s far easier to add color, replace tile, or resurface a patio before you start living in your new home.

Do a quick assessment of repairs and make a list (Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash)


Living out of boxes is frustrating for everyone. Understand it will take a few days to get unpacked and settled. Give yourself some leeway. Coordinate things like utilities and cable installation for the day you move in so you don’t have to worry about wait times for service providers. Prioritize unpacking your big things first, according to Moving Tips. A great place to start is your kitchen and bedrooms. Make sure everyone in the house – including pets – has immediate access to personal care items and medications. You have a clean slate to organize, too! Check out “6 Home Organization Ideas That Will Make Your Wallet Happy” for ideas on how to tackle organizing as you unpack.

Prioritize unpacking your big things first (Photo by HiveBoxx on Unsplash)

Make It Homey

While it’s nice to have familiar belongings in a new location, moving also represents an opportunity for a fresh start, complete with new decor. You can add homey, inexpensive touches with things like colorful rugs, throws, and pillows. Even a few new scented candles can give your space a welcoming feel.

Take advantage of special architectural features in your new home. For example, add live plants to a large bay window; a big front porch needs a swing or rockers and some festive outdoor lighting; bathrooms can pop with new hand towels, and every kitchen counter can be warmed up with a festive fruit bowl.

Take advantage of special architectural features (Photo by Robin Jonathan Deutsch on Unsplash)

Settling In

You’ll feel at home faster if you familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood. Identify the best local grocery store, pizza place, and movie theater. If you’re in a homeowner’s association, read the latest newsletter and learn about upcoming events. Introduce yourself to your neighbors, identify local service providers and healthcare facilities. If you’re moving with kids, get them enrolled in school as soon as possible. Lastly, check out local community calendars and recreation centers to find activities that can help you acclimate to your new environment.

Make a local map of grocery stores, shops & restaurants, schools, and parks

Moving can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. Try to stay calm and organized. Give yourself time to get fully settled and integrated into your new surroundings. That’s when you can start making a new house feel like home.

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Making A New House Feel Like Home
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Making A New House Feel Like Home
When you’re in the process of moving to a new home, it can feel like things are in disarray. Here are some strategies to make it easier.
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