About Ryan Cook

Hi, my name is Ryan Cook and I’m the Broker/Owner of HomeSmart First Class Realty in Easton, Massachusetts.

When did I get my license?

I got my license in 2009 and did very well for myself.

I did well because I really like helping people.

And I know that may sound trivial.

But the reality is it’s why I got my contractor’s license.

It’s also why I’m a broker and have a bunch of agents work for me.

It’s because what’s really important to me is helping people improve their lives

Why am I a real estate agent?

Some may say “Why are you an agent?”

Well, I was a professional engineer for 15 years and did very well at that, but I traveled a lot and I wasn’t home very much.

And in that process my wife and I had bought our first home out in San Jose, CA.

We really got terrible service on it.

It’s really embarrassing to talk about it now.

We got screwed.

The agent we were referred to just basically showed up, told us to pay full price, no contingencies, close in 30 days.

My wife and I weren’t even approved yet or anything.

While we did end up closing on our home successfully, when we went to sell the house a number of years later we found out we had a negative amortization loan. (There were no required disclosures at the time)

When I went to get the payoff I found out I actually owed more than I borrowed… and that was a real problem for us.

I got my license because we got screwed and I didn’t want to see anyone go through what we went through.

What makes me stand out? Why am I different?

Aside from being a broker and having an engineering background, I’m also a licensed contractor.

I have both my construction supervisor license, so I can build new homes…

…as well as a home improvement contractor license, so I do help a lot of my clients with home renovations.

And not just the home renovation part, I’m not looking to make money on home renovations.

I’m looking to help clients understand the possibilities in a home that they may otherwise overlook.

Where can they get a better deal and then help them understand what needs to be done and what the potential costs are.

But we’re helping them to get the home they really want generally for less money.


If you’re looking for a professional who really understands the business…

…from both being a managing broker…

…to a high producing agent…

…to a construction supervisor and home improvement contractor…

I’m also the Vice Chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals, so if you’re looking for someone who can help you understand Zoning By-Laws and what it all means and how it could affect your decision on a property…

Give me a call.

Send me a message.

Drop me an email.

Send me a text.

I’d love to help.

I realized that’s what I was put here to do.

I was put here to help people.

People say the biggest challenge is “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

I pride myself in making sure I know so that you can know and move forward with confidence.

About Ryan Cook
About Ryan Cook

Who you work with matters. How long have I been licensed? Why did I get a license? What makes me different?

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